Saturday, February 16, 2008

Howto - convert chm to html.

To do it, we'll need a tiny command line program - extract_chmLib, which is distributed with chmlib package almost in all distributions. However, if you're using Fedora 8 you probably need to download chmlib source code from here. The newest version available for me was 0.39. Extract it and compile:
./configure --enable-examples
Installation is not necessary. Extract_chmLib is hidden here:
To convert chm file to html, or rather extract html files from chm just type:
extract_chmLib file.chm output_directory/
What you end up with should be a website, which you can index using Beagle or Gnome Desktop. It saves a lot of time usually spend on digging through personal library.
Have a nice time compiling.

I've done it using Fedora 8, and needed only standard development packages.


dBera said...

FYI, beagle can directly index chm files.

wojtekjs said...

Beagle in Fedora actually failed to do that. Html files have also one more advantage - they are different files, so when I search a manual I can go directly to what I wanted, skipping 'searching inside chm' part.